Jerkajun produces organic and non-organic seasoning, food, Hot frozen foods and spices that are supplied in restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, cooking shows, etc… The range of Jerkajun products offer the client: taste of Cajun with the flavor of Jerk; because we know, Smart people make delicious food and delicious food make great chefs. It is these great chefs who named Jerkajun as “The Preferred Spices and Seasoning.”

Our Products are prepared with great care for taste is all chefs’ pride. Jerkajaun produces spices with care keeping in mind the health factor. For this particular reason, we keep are spices GMO free with no addition of high-fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, flavoring, coloring and hydrogenated fats. We prudently select ingredients that meet ours standards.

Our suppliers are very carefully selected through thorough research in order to ensure quality of our products; fortunately, we have been successful in finding partners who are equally shine in the similar area. Together we have formed a strong team with similar goals and quality standards.

The spices produced by Jerkajun are freshly grounded that adds flavor to the food along with maintaining the healthy factor. At Jerkajun we strongly believe in keeping vows, hence we maintain the quality of our spices strictly.

Our food, seasoning and spices are hygienically prepared and packed that also preserves the freshness of the products. Our employees are specifically trained and instructed to uphold the hygiene factor, because your health is important to us.The key to our expansion is the high quality standard that we offer. It is our staunch believe that quality standards must be maintained at all levels, for this reason we have carefully made our choices for raw material. We are one of the top 5 companies in the food industry, with a much focused team of suppliers.