JERKAJUN is an International Limited Liability Company producing seasoning, food and spices. We are registered with the USA. Jerkajun is going strong every year with our business spreading all over North America and around the world. The key to our expansion is the high quality standard that we offer. It is our staunch believe that quality standards must be maintained at all levels, for this reason we have carefully made our choices for raw material. We are one of the top 5 companies in the food industry, with a much focused team of suppliers.

You can order our products online from the comfort of your office, home or on the road. This gives you unlimited time flexibility to shop any where at any time. We offer standard and express delivery services to fit your budgets with discounted price.

Jerkajun produces organic and non-organic seasoning, food and spices that are supplied in restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, cooking shows, etc… The range of Jerkajun products offer the client: taste of Cajun with the flavor of Jerk; because we know, Smart people make delicious food and delicious food make great chefs. It is these great chefs who named Jerkajun as “The Preferred Spices and Seasoning.”

Impress your guests as we introduce to you our freshly made spices, seasonings and poultry through your cooking. Let great recipes help you prepare finger licking good, steamy and delicious meals, specifically when using our spices and seasoning to show your friends how fish, meat and chicken supposed to taste like. We are the #1 stop place where you can find the seasoning for meat, fish, and poultry under one roof. You can easily choose the spices according to the meat selected with the help of our staff expertise.

We strongly believe in client’s preferences hence and welcome all feedbacks, for our growth depends it. Jerkajun also wants your feedback and continuous encouragement to keep us on our toes as we researching, developing newer recipes and techniques of packing so that you can use the best spices and seasoning as possible.